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Online Pre-Accelerator is the perfect training ground for early-stage startup founders to put their business in order and prepare for the first investment round. You will get a lead mentor, that successfully established company in your industry, and will help you with building an MVP.

We are looking for:

  • at least two-people team
  • market specialists
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Founders' stories

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Quite surprisingly, the no 1 value that I drew from ReaktorX were not the workshops. Sure, they were amazing and very well suited to what we needed at the early stage we were in. But it’s almost nothing compared to the incredible network I got access to thanks to ReaktorX.

Tomek Wiszniewski.

ReaktorX turbo charged our network connecting us to top VCs and mentorship in Poland and allowed us to validate our product rapidly.

Olaf Tomalka
Currently at sabbatical leave

The program opened my eyes to many relevant aspects of running a startup, though the most significant benefit of taking part in it was the network. I met fantastic people, including like-minded founders, mentors, and investors, many of whom I am still in touch with.

Kacper Zambrzycki
Head of Operations at AhoyConnect

I'm a seasoned entrepreneur (twice regular business, once start-up) with lots of love for the Youth Travel industry. Despite being in the business for over 14 years, ReaktorX gave me a lot on shaping a start-up vs. a regular business. Currently, we are challenging the Youth Travel market. We expect to have a booming growth in the post-COVID times.

Szymon Panfil
Founder & CEO of Strivio

Great organization, connection with mentors who were supportive at every step, ad hoc consultations with the best, intensive pitching sessions - all this resulted in a completely different approach and a look at our business, what we do, and what we want to achieve. Thanks to the support of the entire ReaktorX team, as well as our hard work, we managed to redefine our goals and consistently implement them.

Nikoletta Mańkowska
CEO of Viral-Talk


Diana Koziarska

Co-founder ReaktorX, partner SMOK Ventures

Tomasz Marcińczyk

Founder at Restimo and Winalife

Alicja Zubel

Founder and Head of Marketing at KMC Studio

Filip Niwecki

Founder and Head of Technology at KMC Studio

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